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Safety Director Representations
Safety Director Representation
Proficient Training & Consulting works hard to meet the safety needs of small-to-midsize companies who may not have a full-time safety director.
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Site Safety
Site Safety
Whether your need is full- or part-time, nights and weekends, or a specified period, we can provide you with the person you need!
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Audit Inspections
Audits & Inspections
Our Workplace Safety Audits are performed by safety professionals and provide personalized consultation.
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Confined Space Rescue
Confined Space Rescue
All courses we present will be tailored to your company’s specific hazards and safety issues.
Asbestos Awareness

Proficient Training & Consulting will provide your organization with asbestos awareness training that complies with OSHA’s requirements for Class IV Asbestos Work. We will work with you to determine if your facility has any special areas of concern regarding asbestos and incorporate this into your training program. We will provide training certificates of completion, and let you know when annual training is due.

OSHA 30 hour/OSHA 10 Hour

Several facilities are now requiring that their contractors have OSHA 10 Hour training and contractor supervisors require OSHA 30 Hour Training. Proficient Training & Consulting has several authorized OSHA 10/30 Hour trainers who can provide onsite or offsite training. We will work around your scheduling needs while providing the required training to satisfy the OSHA requirements.

First Aid/CPR/AED

Proficient Training & Consulting prides itself on providing site specific training to ensure that companies get the training they need without paying for extra time and training they don’t need. We can provide thorough, relevant First Aid/CPR/AED training that is right for your company

First Aid
Lock Out
Lock Out/Tag Out

The training team at Proficient Training & Consulting has extensive first-hand knowledge of lock out issues, and we understand how important comprehensive lock out training can be to prevent workplace injuries. It is vital that workers understand lock out procedures in their work environment.

Proficient Training & Consulting will provide thorough, relevant, site specific lock out training for your site. We will cover the lock out issues specific to your company’s issues, making sure the “hows & whys” of lock out are addressed.

Fall Protection

Falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities. There are numerous fall protection devices (harnesses, lanyards, anchorage points, etc.) on the market, but it is extremely important that workers are trained in the proper use of fall protection. If fall protection is not used correctly it may not be providing any protection to the employee, or worse yet, it may make the task more dangerous.

The trainers at Proficient Training & Consulting have firsthand experience in the use of fall protection. We will provide hands-on training to your employees in the use and inspection of fall protection, focusing on your company’s specific fall protection needs.

Fall Protection
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