Safety Director Representation

Safety Director Representation

Proficient Training & Consulting works hard to meet the safety needs of small-to-midsize companies who may not have a full-time safety director. We represent your company as needed to ensure all safety requirements are met. This way you can have a top-notch safety program without having to pay for a full-time position, or assign safety responsibilities to those who may not be qualified.

Pre-Task Planning – Assess and Address

Proficient Training & Consulting can offer workplace training on how to implement a Pre-Task Plan/Job Hazard Analysis program and how to conduct a PTP/JHA. We can also assist you in planning and coordinating high-risk jobs.

Do you need Emergency Response Plans?

When an emergency occurs, seconds count. The lives of employees, visitors and emergency responders could be at stake.

Although predicting an emergency is very difficult, planning for the most devastating or serious events helps tremendously when even a small emergency occurs.

Prior to any emergency, inviting the responding departments of local police and fire can be advantageous to every business owner and employer. Modern police and fire departments have fewer resources, and inviting them to your company for on-site training programs, or at least familiarization training, can be invaluable. Familiar faces make a difference in the outcome of any emergency, but building trust with decision makers is a tremendous first step.

However, we may not be lucky enough to have first responders at our front door within minutes.

So developing Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) enables your team to plan for the worst with a good outcome. Knowing what to expect and knowing where specific items are located is just good business.

The details of each plan will vary. For example, what should you do when a power outage occurs, and you have injured employees? The answer can never be predicted, but some of the problems can be solved ahead of time. Which is the best access point? Is there an alternate in case of snow, accidents, train crossings? Not all these variables come into play at each facility but developing ERP’s can reduce response time and assist in decision making, when seconds count.

Our federal agencies are now advocating we develop plans for storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Our plans should include the need to survive ‘on our own’ for 48 hours. In the best situation, we should not expect emergency responders or relief workers to arrive for two days. So it just makes sense to have a plan both at home, and at our places of work and business.

The multi-faceted team from Proficient Training & Consulting wants to help you develop your emergency response plans and programs. Our experts’ backgrounds include emergency response, fire prevention and industrial hygiene, safety and training. The goal is to make your site safer than it was and prepare, so the worst incident we encounter is a minor one.