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Proficient Training & Consulting is a company founded on the belief that all workers should go home safely at the end of the day.

Our experienced team of professionals have extensive backgrounds in workplace safety including: contractor safety, fire safety, steel mills, hospitals, refineries, coke batteries, auto plants, manufacturing facilities, and chemical plants.

We provide a full range of safety services with the idea that every workplace is different and subsequently has special safety needs. The services we provide are relevant, of the highest quality, and economical for our clients.

At Proficient Training & Consulting, we have several goals, including providing:

Site safety personnel, trainers and consultants who have real-world safety experience in the manufacturing, industrial, construction, chemical, and fire safety industries.
Site-specific safety services that meet the specific needs of each client, while meeting the required federal, state or local standards.
Training that meets OSHA regulations while tailoring the presentations to meet the site requirement of each company.

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